A 6-metre tall spherical bouquet of colourful flowers blooms on the Harbour Front boardwalk.

This 6-metre all tower flower tree blooms among the trees along The Promenade. Its larger-than-life vibrancy adds colour and brightness to the everyday environment.

Artist's Note: A symbol of affluence, courage and youth, the Flower Tree invites people to stop, amidst the hustle and bustle of their lives, and smell the flowers.

Born in Korea in 1961, Choi has exhibited his colourful designs in Europe, USA, Australia and Asia. His style is simple, reaching through the generations with friendly forms that brighten up the skies that he decorates.

A 10-metre tall rocket sitting on the lawn.

A different mode of transportation greets visitors as they drive up the entrance ramp to VivoCity. GoGo, a bright red rocket that symbolises VivoCity's accessibility, and brings out the child in both children and adults.

Artist's Note: Playfully timeless and warmly welcoming, GoGo take you on a trip to explore the ever-changing lifestyle environment.

Ruygrok was educated in the State Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam, and possesses a unique style that changes the meaning of space.


A towering snowman overlooking the waterfront

Rising to a height of 13 metres, this unlikely visitor to the tropics sits on the Promenade, towering over the second storey terrace to peer onto the third-storey Sky Park. It is a highly interesting visual phenomenon.

A giant snowflake perched on the rooftop

More than 1 metre wide, these giant snowflakes are perched atop the curved feature roof in the Sky Park, reflecting triumph over circumstances as they bask in the sun, defying their incongruous environment.

Artists' Note: Snowman and Snowflakes stand frozen in the tropical city of Singapore to symbolise a combination of elegant equilibrium and triumph over nature.

Founded in 1992, Inges Idée is a group of four individually successful German artists - Hans Hemmert, Axel Lieber, Thomas A. Schmidt, and Georg Zey.


An engaging sculpture of a man executing acrobatic moves.

This energetic “gymnast” swings from a horizontal bar perched more than 6 metres above the water feature in the Sky Park. Literally “a man of steel”, he doesn’t rest, and inspires onlookers to step into the ankle-deep pool to cheer him on or take a photograph with him.

Artist’s Note: There celebrates Man’s optimism and his belief that he can find everything he is looking for in this world. If something is not here, where he is, it must be there; just ahead of him, where he can find it if he looks beyond.

Born in 1950 in the Netherlands, Visch is a highly decorated artist and professor. Through his work, he expresses the human condition by creating sculptures that are strikingly humorous and witty.

A series of colourful and interactive figures that enthral and excite

Located in the Sky Park of VivoCity, these human-like figures in various action poses embody the energy, vitality and interactivity of VivoCity.

Artist's Note: Synonymous with optimistic happiness and fun, unforgettable experiences, Vivo Punch represent the qualities of VivoCity - always ready to explore and discover life.

A recognised name in the advertising industry since the 1980s, Michael Cheung is the first Hong Kong designer to be featured in the British D&AD Yearbook in 1992, after being nominated as Freshman Art Director at Leo Burnett, Co-head of J. Walter Thompson's creative team, Director at Red Earth, and has since founded the Institute of Matter.

A series of massive rose blooms that serve as outdoor seating.

Located along The Promenade, these 4 giant red roses evoke an air of romance and passion. Visitors can sit with their loved ones while enjoying the panoramic views across the harbour.

Artist's Note: In Greek mythology, the gods created the rose to celebrate the rise of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, from the sea. Aphrodite's Roses is created in celebration of VivoCity’s birth.

Yoshimizu studied fine arts in the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, and has since expanded his career beyond Japan to Italy and New York. Inspired by real objects, stories and literature, he considers the meaning of space for each project, and endeavours to create a powerful atmosphere or landmark for the site and the people in it.

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