VivoCity Names 20 Semi-finalists in Global (VivoCity) Student Design Contest

20 October 2005, Singapore - Mapletree Investments Pte Ltd has announced the shortlist of the best 20 entries for the VivoCity Student Design Contest - a worldwide competition that aims to nurture the artistic talent of students and promote design excellence.

The top 20 entries were selected based on designs which the judges felt best illustrated the contest theme "Fluidity" and which demonstrated synergy with the architecture of VivoCity. Of these shortlisted entries, three were from universities in Malaysia, two from Australia and Hong Kong, and one each from Japan, Thailand and Germany. The rest were from architectural and design students enrolled with local tertiary institutions.

The VivoCity Student Design Contest, which called for innovative designs for street art furniture to be installed in VivoCity, attracted more than 180 entries from Singapore and over 160 entries internationally. Some of these entries came from as far afield as Russia, Finland, Germany and UK, as well as from across the entire Asia Pacific region.

The short listed designs will be developed into scale prototypes and exhibited during the Singapore Design Festival 2005, from 10 - 20 November at HarbourFront Centre's Central Atrium; opening hours are from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. A judging session will take place on 11 November 2005 from 5:45 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., and four finalists will be selected to participate in a mentorship in Japan with VivoCity architect, Mr Toyo Ito, to refine their designs. The top (or gold prize winner) will have his or her work produced and displayed at VivoCity, alongside works of acclaimed international artists."

"This is the first time that we are organising the VivoCity Student Design Contest and we are very encouraged by the overwhelming response from both the local and international students to this contest. This attests to the attractiveness of Singapore in the design arena and also demonstrates the international appeal of an award-winning architect like Toyo Ito. We hope to make this contest an annual affair and provide students with a platform to explore their design potential and have their works exhibited at VivoCity when it opens next year," said Mapletree's Chairman, Mr Edmund Cheng.

Along with Mr Cheng, the judging panel comprised Toyo Ito, architect of VivoCity, Milton Tan, Director of DesignSingapore Council, Fumio Nanjo, Artistic Director of Singapore Biennale, 2006, Syddal Wee, General Manager of SPACE Furniture and Mrs Koh-Lim Wen Gin, Chief Planner and Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Urban Redevelopment Authority.

In addition to the valuable exposure and mentorship with one of the world's pre-eminent architects, the gold prize winner will receive S$ 10,000 and another S$ 10,000 for the school; the silver prize winner will receive S$ 5,000 and S$ 5,000 for the school; and the bronze prize winner will receive S$ 3,000 and S$ 3,000 for the school.

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Mapletree is focused on delivering quality real estate-related services, while at the same time, developing its capital management business in Singapore and the region. It continually seeks new avenues to deliver optimal returns on investments in real estate, providing a source of shared value for its business partners and stakeholders.

Semi-Finalists - Local Institutions

Name: Jeffrey Wongso
Age: 18 
Institution: Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Course of Study: Interior Design

Jeffrey Wongso, who considers furniture designer Eero Arnio as his biggest influence, has always been amazed by "lava lamps" and wanted to capture the flowing movement of the fluid circulating inside lamp for his design. His approach in designing 'Floop' was to first determine its function before considering the theme and finally, manipulating its shape.

Name: Koh Qi Bao, Kenneth 
Institution: National University of Singapore 
Course of Study: Architecture

Kenneth Koh designed 'Island' to be a sculpture that changes over time. It allows the public to add to and be part of the artwork. Artificial plants can be fastened on to the main body of "Island", and will be changed over time into more matured versions of the artificial plants, so as to simulate growth.

Name: Tan Wei Ming, Eugene 
Institution: Lasalle-SIA College of The Arts
Course of Study: Interior Design

Fluids In Motion
In designing 'Fluids in Motion', former engineering student Eugene Tan drew upon his knowledge in physics and geography for insight. Inspired by sinusoidal waves and linear movements, he considered wave patterns in the x-y-z axis and typical coastal motions, before coming up with 'Fluids in Motion'. An aspiring architect, Tan admires the organic architectural forms of Santiago Calavatra's works and the dynamism of Zaha Hadid's designs which incorporate the deconstructivism process.

Name: Zhang Lihui 
Age: 23 
Institution: Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts 
Course of Study: Visual Arts

Drops Sculpture 
The 'Drops Sculpture' consists of a droplet of liquid held together by a thin, almost-invisible membrane. Designer, Zhang Lihui calls this 'static fluidity' and has designed the sculpture so that people can sit or rest on it.

Name: Zhang Chen
Age: 22 
Institution: Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts 
Course of Study: Interior Design


Inspired by the sounds associated with a musical fountain, Zhang Chen's design first started off with a sound transit speaker oscillation in an empty bowl-like structure. Then he filled it with water, and 'Rhythm' emerges. His influences include Japanese designers, Tokujin Yoshioka and Toshiyuki Kita, whom he has learnt that a closer study on plainer and simpler art pieces sometimes reveals beautiful and straightforward designs that simplify our complicated lives.

Name: Kalaivanan s/o Balakrishnan 
Institution: Lasalle-SIA College of The Arts 
Course of Study: Product Design

A hands-on person since he was a kid, Kalaivanan s/o Balakrishnan was always trying to make or fix things. In designing 'FlowFa', he tried to imagine how people would react within the given space, and what they might like to see. He gets inspirations from other elements such as the way people behave, think and desire. In particular, nature and history have always been his largest influences.

Name: Hong Jielin 
Institution: Nanyang Polytechnic 
Course of Study: Industrial Design

'Fantasy' aims to give users the unique experience of sitting on the bench and feeling as if they are floating on waves. She felt that this would create an amusing and fun experience for users of all ages. One of the challenges that she faced when designing 'Fantasy' was to select a suitable shape for the product and the colour used. Her works are greatly influenced by Patrick Chia, who inspires her greatly on his design approaches and styles.

Name: Ngan han Siong 
Age: 24 
Institution: National University of Singapore 
Course of Study: Industrial Design

Emerge / sink
The experience of sitting on rocks while looking out to the sea was Ngan Han Siong's inspiration for 'Emerge/Sink'. His aim was to create a design, which not only connect with its users but also with the environment. His design is not only a seat but also acts as a decorative sculpture. Ngan has been awarded the HansGrohe Bathroom Design Excellence award in 2004 and a Merit award in the Heritage Watch Design Competition this year.

Name: Ben Lai Kin Mun
Age: 28 
Institution: Lasalle-SIA College of The Arts 
Course of Study: Product Design

Ben Lai was inspired by the graphical form of the fonts used in the word VivoCity, in particular the shape of the letter 'O', which he felt bore a resemblance to the shapes used in Toyo Ito's design. To him, it delivered a form of 'fluidity' and he felt the form made a rather distinctive symbol and so it instantly became a part of his inspiration in the design of his sculpture / street furniture art piece. Lai was awarded the Merit prize in the SFIC Furniture Design Competition 2003 in Young Designer Category, and has come in as a finalist in both the Bombay Sapphire Designer Glass Competition 2005 and also the ZA Foundation Case Design Competition 2005.

Name: Wendy Chua Wenni 
Age: 21
Institution: National University of Singapore 
Course of Study: Industrial Design

Wendy Chua wanted to design urban furniture that interacted with its environment. This thought eventually translated into 'Kite', an urban shelter that creates a dual experience for the user. By day, it is a transparent cantilever structure. By night, it magically unfolds into a single thread of light that dims and brightens with the sea breeze. Chua is a Design Category and her futuristic washing machine design with a classmate has been shortlisted as an Electrolux Design Lab 2005 finalist.

Semi-Finalists - Overseas Institutions

Name: Tsai Cheng Hua 
Age: 17 
Institution: Ruamrudee International School, Bangkok, Thailand
Course of Study: International Baccalaureate Diploma


A graphic design enthusiast who designs aerospace vehicles and other structures during his free time, Tsai Cheng Hua based his design on waves, which can be seen as a symbol of motion and liveliness. After mooting several designs, he finally settled on 'Wavola', which complemented the wide-open spaces of VivoCity. He felt that his biggest challenge was to be able to develop a revolutionary design that fitted the theme and the environment, while at the same time be practical.

Name: Lau Wing Yan, Chriz
Age: 24
Institution: Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong 
Course of Study: Design

Virtual Ripples 
Chriz Lau made used the metaphor of Metonymy in designing her art work; which used the human weight as the level of efforts. A person with a heavier weight or putting a heavier weight into the sensor, would experience more and longer ripples. Lau, who has participated in several design contests in Hong Kong, was most recently awarded "The best 3D solid" title in the Hong Kong Joint University Multimedia Exhibition.

Name: Chia Jian Xiang 
Age: 22
Institution: Alif Creative Academy, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 
Course of Study: Interior Architecture

Drip Drop
In line with the fluid architectural forms and elements of Vivo City, Chia Jian Xiang's public amenity, for one to sit or rest upon, possesses a ripple-like design that imitates the outward rippling effect of water from a center point. To allow his audiences to understand how the structure is accessed and to prevent rainwater from accumulating, Chia introduced a walkway that also acts as a waterway to drain all rainwater collected in the grooves.

Name: Lee Khang Chiek 
Age: 22
Institution: Unity College International, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Course of Study: Architecture

The Unity of Human Being
Designer Lee Khang Chiek, who has had people telling him that his artworks are too 'horrible and crazy', had participated in the VivoCity Student Design Contest just to prove to himself that his designs could be accepted socially. Lee, who helps out occasionally at his family's business as a site worker who mixes concrete and plaster, found his inspiration for 'The Unity of Human Being' in his loved ones (i.e. his father is like 'the leg of the family' or a pillar of strength while the human hand may be interpreted as a form of protection).

Name: Chan Hoi Nap, Rony 
Age: 22
Institution: Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong 
Course of Study: Design

Rony Chan's 'Raindrop' is designed to elicit a harmonious feeling in shoppers at VivoCity. She felt that since a raindrop depicts 'fluidity', it would provide a relaxing and natural environment for one to shop in. The stainless steel surface of the artwork also distorts one's reflection when they walk pass it or when they climb through it. These distorted reflections will then give the illusion of 'fluidity'.

Name: Jan Sappert 
Age: 23
Institution: Design und Median Hannover, Germany 
Course of Study: Design

Jan Sappert, who derives his inspirations from nature, believes that it is important for people to 'fuse' with his architecture. The contrast between the graphic cube and the illuminated organic forms inside 'ComeFused' allows the public to interact with it. It arrests attention by the steady changing colour of the core while the viscous surface in the inside decelerated the people. It gives them a feeling of fusing together with the object. So people can walk trough it, take funny photos, relax or children can play inside.

Name: Yoshitaka Nukumori 
ge: 24 
Institution: Shibaura Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan
Course of Study: Architecture & Engineering

Flowing Private Space
'Flowing Private Space' is made up of various curved surfaces that fit the human body, while at the same time allowing various complex activities. Designer, Yoshitaka Nukumori, studied different shapes (outlines), situations (e.g. sleeping, sitting etc) before coming up with this design. He counts designer, Hiromi Fujii as one of his inspirations.

Name: Tek Chye Ling
Age: 22
Institution: Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia 
Course of Study: Housing, Building & Planning

The Infinity Chair 
Tek Chye Ling based her design on the symbol of 'infinity', which was further developed into a multifunctional chair. She also believed that 'fluidity' calls for challenging shapes and forms and that every circle has to be measured and calculated accurately in order for them to be synchronised and combined thus producing a functional product. Tek hopes to start her own design firm in the future.

Name: Matthias Haeusler
Age: 31
Institution: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia 
Course of Study:

Light Animated Hypersurfaces
'Light Animated Hypersurfaces' investigates the perceptual boundaries between the virtual and physical world - and how to break them. It asks how architecture can creatively adopt a fourth dimension. A dimension exists through the 'LED Stick', a 3D display system. It wraps the new or existing building with the 'persistent new' and facilitating a different kind of communication with the environment. Its designer, Matthias Haeusler has worked in architectural practices in Germany, the United States and Australia, and is currently enrolled in a PhD programme at SIAL (Supervisor Professor Mark Burry). He also teaches Design at RMIT in the school of architecture and design.

Name: Lee Yoon Sheng
Institution: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia
Course of Study: Architecture

Continuity and Discontinuity 
In designing 'Continuity and Discontinuity', Lee Yoon Sheng's approach was all about the flow, and how it will evolve freely and fluctuates. He eventually came up with a design that looks into the idea of continuity, where this continuous flow is captured within a boundary, creating an intimate space on the inside, allowing individuals or groups to experience different comfortable zones. Lee gains inspiration from designers like Peter Corrigan, who teaches that architecture is not just a structure but also the influences from other fields and the responsibility to the world.

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