Celebrate the Lunar New Year at VivoCity!


23 December 2008, Singapore - Singapore's largest, multi-dimensional lifestyle and retail destination, VivoCity will be collaborating with Golden Travel Services to celebrate Lunar New Year with unique performances from China and a traditional lion dance performance from the award-winning Wen Yang Lion Dance Troupe. To add to the revelry, shoppers will also be able to view a 28-foot revolving lantern at VivoCity Sky Park and admire rare Chinese artefacts that will bring happiness and prosperity into their homes for the New Year!

Highlights of the Celebrations
1. Unique Performances from China

Ushering in the Lunar New Year with song and dance combining Chinese culture, heritage and entertainment, there will be arts troupes from Zhejiang, Hubei and Kunming specially brought in to captivate shoppers with their one-of-kind performances. The performances will take place at the Central Court, Level 1. The schedule is as follows:

Xihu Arts Troupe8 Jan - 18 Jan 20091pm & 7pm (Monday to Friday)
1pm, 4pm & 7pm (Saturday and Sunday)
Kunming Ethnic Song & Dance Troupe9 Jan - 14 Jan 20093pm ( Friday to Sunday)
Hubei Province Arts Troupe28 Jan - 8 Feb 20091pm & 7pm (Monday to Friday)
1pm, 4pm & 7pm (Saturday and Sunday)

2. Chinese Artefacts & Crafts

Shoppers can marvel at the rare Chinese artefacts and crafts and even purchase extraordinary pieces that are said to bring prosperity, happiness and luck into everyone's homes for the New Year!

Venue:Central Court & South Avenue, Level 1
Date:8 Jan - 10 Feb 2009
Time:10am to 10pm

3. Lion Dance Performance

The award-winning Wen Yang Lion Dance Troupe will also usher in luck and prosperity for all with a head-turning performance at VivoCity this Lunar New Year. The routine will feature the troupe leaping across a distance of more than 2.5 metres and on poles as high as three metres. The lion will also climb a 5 metres pole to reach the prized greens at the top!

Venue:Central Court, Level 1
Date:2 Feb 2009 (Mon)
Time:12 noon

4. Revolving Lantern

VivoCity's main feature this Lunar New Year is a 28-foot revolving lantern, which will be displayed at VivoCity?s Sky Park.

Incentives for Shoppers
1. "Win a trip to Beijing/Tianjin" Lucky Draw

Shoppers who spend a minimum of $50 (maximum of 2 combined same-day receipts) could be one of the three lucky winners to win a seven-day trip for two to Beijing/Tianjin, China. American Express' Card members will enjoy double chances of winning when they charge their spending to their card.

2. Specially Designed Red Packets

Shoppers who spend a minimum of $80 (maximum of two combined same-day receipts) can redeem a pack of two specially-designed red packets. American Express Card members just need to charge $50 to qualify. This promotion is limited to a maximum of two sets per shopper per day, regardless of total purchase amount, on a first-come, first-served basis and while stocks last.

3. Tenants' Chinese New Year Deals for American Express (Amex) Card members

Shoppers can enjoy savings of up to 30 percent simply by using Amex card for their purchases at VivoCity?s participating outlets from 8 Jan to 10 Feb.

Annex 1Description of Xihu ArtsTroupe
Annex 2Description of Kunming Ethnic Song & Dance Troupe
Annex 3Performance description of Hubei Province Arts Troupe
Annex 4Description of Wen Yang Lion Dance Troupe

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Annex 1 - Xihu Arts Troupe

The Xihu Arts Troupe was set up by the Hangzhou Arts School. Established in 1958, the Hangzhou Arts School is a professional comprehensive arts middle school. It is also the only professional middle arts school in Hangzhou. The name Hangzhou Arts School was approved and given by the provincial Education Committee after the merger of the former Hangzhou Professional Music School, Hangzhou Professional Arts School and the Hangzhou 57th Arts School in 1987.

After fifty years of continuous development, the School has produced lots of specialized arts personnel for Hangzhou City and the nation. Many of them have become excellent teachers in the Central Music Academy, Shanghai Music Academy and the Shanghai Drama College. Others have become famous television hosts, TV artistes, management officers and professional personnel.

The School emphasizes on teaching qualities and has been sending outstanding students to participate in various functions locally and overseas. These include acrobatics, drama, TV skits, musical, dances, instrumental etc. The students have been to France, Britain, Germany, Japan, Morocco and Taiwan for performances and competitions, and have won numerous international, national and provincial awards.

Today, the School has become a training base for the arts personnel. The School has also signed agreements with the famous Shanghai Music Academy, Shanghai Drama College and the Hong Kong Royal Beijing Arts Performing Centre to train future performing artistes. Some famous film producers have come to the School personally to handpick students for the shooting of some of the popular TV series such as the Dreams of the Red Chamber, Secret Dragon Volumes and the Love Story of Wei Xiaobao.

The School will focus on the importance of cultural education, high educational qualifications and high standard teaching personnel. The School will also incorporate normal high school teaching systems, raise management standard and teaching qualities, strengthen teaching force and basic infrastructure to turn the School into a unique arts academy, and contribute its best in arts and culture for the civilization of the society.

Annex 2 - Kunming Ethnic Song & Dance Troupe

Kunming Ethnic Song and Dance Troupe was originally named ?Kunming Folk Song and Dance Ensemble?, which has deeply rooted in the 26 minority ethnic groups of Yunnan that possess rich and colourful culture, since it was founded in 1970.

Kunming Ethnic Song and Dance Troupe has with them many talented choreographers, composers and creative staff as well as excellent dancers and musicians from Zhuang, Hui, Li, Man, Yi, Bai, Thai, Naxi, and other 15 ethnic groups.

In recent years, Kunming Ethnic Song and Dance Troupe has become an influential and powerful professional team. It also created a great deal of song and dance dramas such as “Plateau Man”, “Sun and Moon”, “Red Land with Flowers”, “Hot Plateau”, “Beauty in the Sunshine ”, “Mysterious Yunnan”, “A Beautiful Place” etc. Kunming Ethnic Song and Dance Troupe attempted to produce ethnic operas such as “the Soul of Bronze”, the Musical “Zheng He and the Ocean” and many treasured works of art.

The Troupe has won numerous awards in national dance competitions such as “Wen Hua”, “Lotus”, “Peacock”, and the championship of solo, double, and triple dance. It also went on to take the championship of CCTV Dance Competition, one of the highest level dance competitions, in China.

Kunming Ethnic Song and Dance Troupe performs across the nation and has been invited to perform in the United States, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Holland, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Burma, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao on behalf of China. The Troupe was well-received and highly appreciated by the audiences of different countries and regions.

In 2006, the Kunming Ethnic Song and Dance Troupe participated in the “Chinese Culture -Colourful Yunnan” performance in the United States. It not only received a congratulatory message from U.S President George W. Bush, but also won a reputation for China with their showcase of the unique ethnic culture of Yunnan.

Annex 3 - Home at the Sides of the Yangtze River by Hubei Province Arts Troupe

Home by the Yangtze River, inspired by the movement of water and gleam of the waves, the combination with the beautiful scenery display a panoramic landscape of the ethnic groups, folklores and charm along the River banks. It integrates the elements of dancing, music and modern artistic techniques borrowed from the unique custom and traditional art from Hubei Province like "San Dao Wan", "Rou Lian Xiang", Bai Shou of Tu nationality, Taji from Taoism, Bang Drum, Dihua Drum and the dragon boat folk song to highlight the culture of Jin and Chu.

The production is a combination of various art forms ranging from singing, dancing, sound, painting and poetry, mixed with aesthetic images from mountain, water, human, passion and dream. The Yangtze River is the backdrop, with water as its soul. The Three Gorges, Land of Ba, Mount Shennongjia, Mount Wudang, Honghu Lake, all of the five most internationally known or influential cultural and tourism heritages coherently demonstrate the brilliant culture of Jin and Chu, harmonious Taoism spirit between the nature and human being, optimistic Ba Culture, gentle culture of the water village. All the harmonious cultural fragments compose a picturesque volume of landscape, humanity and amorous feeling.

This performance won first prize in the 2006 National Song, Dance & Acrobatics Competition.

Annex 4 - Wen Yang Lion Dance Troupe

Wen Yang Lion Dance Troupe has been the top team in Singapore with more than 35 local and overseas awards won over the past few years.

They are the newly-crowned National Champion in the 2008 Ngee Ann City Lion Dance Championship and were also awarded the "Best Performing Lion Dance Team" by The Singapore Book of Records. They now hold the record for the highest ever pole climbed by a lion in the Singapore Book of Records!

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