VivoCity’s Preventive Measures for Haze Mitigation

27 June 2013, SINGAPORE – In light of the recent haze conditions, VivoCity has undertaken a series of preventive infrastructural and internal initiatives to mitigate the situation, in order to continue providing a healthy and comfortable shopping and lifestyle experience for the mall’s visitors.

To ensure a fresh air stream for visitors, as well as an acceptable level of indoor air quality, mall management has enhanced the building’s primary air-conditioning system with the installation of additional air filters. This has been a measure recently praised by medical professionals as being effective in filtering out harmful haze particles.

VivoCity has continued to maintain close communications with tenants throughout the affected period, and in accordance with MOM guidelines tenants had been advised to take on precautionary measures such as hourly PSI level observations, alongside the usage of masks where necessary. Tenants, staff and service providers had also been advised to minimise outdoor work which involves strenuous physical activity.

In addition, should the PSI levels return to unhealthy levels, signages will be put up within the mall, advising visitors to refrain from activities at outdoor areas including the Play Court and Sky Park. This is in line with the National Environment Agency’s (NEA) advice for children, the elderly and those with heart or lung diseases, to reduce prolonged or heavy outdoor activities and for the general public to limit prolonged or heavy outdoor activities.

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